Version 2.1 Released

WP Store Locator 2.1 has officially been released. It includes a new “category” attribute for the [wpsl_map] shortcode, support for the upcoming CSV Manager and Search Widget add-ons, several new filters, and the option to load custom markers from an alternative folder.

New Filters

Name Description
wpsl_admin_marker_dir Change the filesystem path to the marker folder.
wpsl_draggable_map Set the dragging option for the map, and optionally set a break point in pixels when the dragging is disabled again.

This fixes a problem on mobile devices where the map takes up the whole screen, and users can’t scroll past the map.

wpsl_marker_props Change the “scaledSize”, “origin” and “anchor” marker properties.
wpsl_geocode_components Modify the parameters included in the geocode component filter.

Search Widget Add-On Support

Small modifications had to be made to both template files to make them compatible with the upcoming search widget. So if you’re using a custom template, and are planning to purchase the search widget add-on in the near future, then you have to make the following changes to make it work.

Open your template file and search for this code:

Replace it with this to add support for the search widget:

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