Hide the Start Marker

There are two ways you can hide the start marker. You can either do it with a CSS rule, or with a filter that empties the start marker data used in the JS script.

CSS Rule

The code below shows you how to target the start marker with CSS, and assumes that you’re using a red start marker. If your start marker uses a different color, then you can simple replace red with the correct color.

Add the code to the styles.css inside your active theme folder, and reload the store locator page. If it doesn’t work the first time, then make sure to flush the browser cache or the cache from any caching plugins you might be using.

Other possible marker colors are:

  • blue
  • dark-blue
  • green
  • dark-green
  • orange
  • dark-orange
  • pink
  • purple


The other way to hide the start marker is by using the wpsl_js_settings filter. This allows you to set the value that holds the start marker name to empty, so it won’t show up on the map.

Place the code below in the functions.php inside your active theme folder, and the start marker will not show up anymore.