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This filter allows you to change the HTML structure of the store header.


Both examples wrap the store name in a h3 tag instead of the default strong tag.

If the store permalinks are enabled:

If the store permalinks are disabled:

The <% ... %> and <%= ... %> code is used by the Underscore library to execute JS code, and to print the correct JSON data when the HTML template is rendered.

If you use a h1-6 tag instead of the default strong tag, and you want to keep the HTML semantically correct, then you should move the header outside of the p tag that is wrapped around it.

You can see the HTML that is wrapped around the function that generates the store header on line 10 in the wpsl_listing_template code example.


Since 2.0

Source File

This filter is located in /frontend/underscore-functions.php.


The code needs to be placed in the functions.php file inside your active theme folder.