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This filter allows you to change the thumbnail size in the store listing.


This example sets the width and height of the store thumbnail to 100 pixels:

You can also define the used image format by using ‘full’, ‘large’, ‘medium’ and ‘thumbnail’ like this.

You can check the maximum dimensions for the different formats on the Settings -> Media page.
If the changes you made don’t show up on the frontend, then make sure to flush the store locator transient cache. You can do this on the settings page.

If the image dimensions you’re using results in a big empty space between the address and the other details, then the CSS code below will probably fix this.

Copy the above code and place it in a CSS file loaded by your theme.

If nothing changes, then make sure to clear the browser cache and the cache from any active caching plugins.


Since 2.0

Source File

This filter is located in /frontend/class-frontend.php.


The code needs to be placed in the functions.php file inside your active theme folder.