The Address Uses the Wrong Coordinates

Sometimes when you create a new location the Geocode API returns coordinates that don’t match the expected location of the provided address.

There are a two main reasons why this can happen.

The Address Is Unclear

An address like ‘My Street 1A’ will always work fine, but ‘My Street 1A/first floor’ can in some cases be a problem.

The solution is to keep the address as simple as possible. Just including the name of the street and the number without any other details should fix it. Also, make sure no dots are used in the street name because this can also give unexpected results.

The Neighborhood Name Is Included

Including the name of the neighborhood in the address can work without any issues. But if the name of the provided neighborhood exists in another city as well, and it’s a larger well-known city, then Google will sometimes assume you are looking for the coordinates in the larger city. This can happen despite you providing the name of the correct city.

The only way to work around this is by simply leaving out the neighborhood name when you save the location. You can always add it back once the location has been geocoded.