Weird Characters Like /*]]>*//* Show Up in the Search Results

If characters like /*]]>*//* show up in the search results, then you’re probably using W3 Total Cache (or another caching plugin) with the minify option enabled.

What happens is here that the code from the underscore template is slightly modified by the caching plugin when it minifies the output, resulting in /*]]>*//* showing up in the search results.

W3 Total Cache users can fix this by following the steps below. If you’re using another caching plugin, then check the relevant documentation on how to exclude the store locator page from being minified.

    1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
    2. Visit Performance > Minify
    3. Click on the “Advanced” link on the top of the page
    4. Look for the “Never minify the following pages” section
    5. Fill in the name of the store locator page. If the store locator is used on, then you only need to fill in “store-locator”. There is no need to include the part.
    6. Click on the “Save all settings” button

If after reloading the page the /*]]>*//* characters still show up in the search results, then make sure to flush the server and browser cache.